How to Find and Register for Online Kayak Bass Tournaments.

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments in the Pacific Northwest.


What is an online fishing tournament?

An online fishing tournament allows competitors to compete against each other, without being on the same lake, the same state, or even in the same country. 

I have created a list to help you find tournaments in the Pacific Northwest, what you will need to compete, and go over some basic rules that apply to most tournaments.

What do I need to participate?

  • Kayak, Canoe, or SUPs

The choices and customizations available on the market today are endless. Paddle, peddle, or electric motors are allowed in most online tournaments. You want to check the rules before you sign up for an event.

  • Measuring Device-

Ketch brand products are the only approved measuring boards for the Kayak Fishing North West) clubs. The Ketch Karbonate is popular with kayak anglers and tournament directors. It’s durable, non-flexible, and easy to read. Ketch products can be found at this link:

  • Identifier-

Every tournament will have a specific code that will be sent to each competitor, you must write this code on your identifier card. Each club will have its own unique Identifier card which can be found on their website or the TourneyX sign-up page.

An identifier sleeve is also available to attach your identifier to your Ketch board. The identifier must be present in each submitted fish photo.

  • Life Jacket-

A life jacket is mandatory for all competitors and must be worn correctly. The NRS life jackets are comfortable and designed to accommodate kayak anglers.

  • Cell Phone-

A cell phone is the most efficient piece of equipment for taking photos of your fish and submitting fish on the TourneyX app. Taking extra precautions, using a waterproof case, and installing leashes to your device are good ideas, fish have been known to knock phones out of hands and into the water during photo sessions.

  • ToruneyX APP

The TourneyX app is free and will be necessary to submit fish to the tournament directors for approval. The app will show you the leaderboard for the event you are currently fishing, it will also show you if your fish submissions are waiting on approval or have been approved.

Where do I sign up?

If this was my very first time trying to find and/or sign up for a tournament, these are the steps I would take:

1. Download the TourneyX Pro app on your cell phone

2. Register a new account. Creating an account is free.

3. Close the app and go to the tourneyX website:

(The website is easier to navigate and find tournaments)

4. Login to your account.

For the next steps, it is important to know that searching for a specific club is going to narrow down the results.

For these steps I am going to use the KFNW (Kayak Fishing North West) this club will include the IKBF(Idaho), OKBF(Oregon), and the WKBF(Washington).

5. Use the search option and type in the name of your local club.

6. On this page you will see squares; each one of those is a tournament, and the date is in a circle at the top left of the square.

7. Your going to click on the square and sends you to the next page, this page will give you all the information about the tournament, the rules, if membership is required, where to go purchase a membership, the cost of the entry fee, the type of tournament (online or in-person), and the competitors that are competing.

8. After finding the tournament and paying your dues, there isn’t anything left to do but prepare for the start of the event.

What are some basic rules?

  • Live jacket-

Must be always worn correctly. It has been overlooked by competitors in the past and is just something to be mindful of.

  • Catch Photo Release (CPR)-

This is where a lot of mistakes are made, make sure you read and understand the rules. After a few fish submissions, you will create a system that works for you. Things to remember, fish mouth closed, don’t place hands under the gill plate, and don’t pinch the tail. Here is an example:

  • Photo location on

Always double-check that your GPS for your photo app is on, fish locations will be checked by the judges. Private lakes, ponds, and rivers are going to be off-limits.

  • Always double-check the rules and standards of the club and the rules for each tournament, never assume the rules will be the same.


Online tournaments are fun, competitive, and a great way to get into the sport of kayak bass fishing. Finding tournaments can be confusing at times but it gets easier with time. Finding the website or Facebook page of a local club in your area is a good place to start, the directors will post up-to-date information on both.

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